How does your propery present itself?

  Trees can make all the difference in how well a propery presents itself. We do on site consultations for tree placement ,health and care. Trees propery placed can help control noise,wind (snow and Rain)and protect your buildings Trees around your "Oassis" provde comfort, privacy  and Stress Relief! Large trees planted by Tree Spade obviously give quicker results with fewer trees needed to get the job done ! Many times we can transplant your exsisting trees to better suit your needs.

Winter Transplanting !!"Why wait for Spring"?

Winter months can sometimes provide the best Tree Transplanting situations. The ground is frozen (no marks) and the trees are somewhat dormant! The forecast for the Winter of 2015-16 with the large El nino may be your opportunity to get trees relocated or replaced.Call for details ,it never hurts to get your name on the list.We will only do the work when it is in the trees best interest and of course ground conditions are suitable.As they say "Why wait for Spring".

Viagra Tree's

The summer of 2013 In Muskoka, Larger than Life trees appeared over the forest. We didn't recall seeing or noticing these Big evergreens before!

Apparently they are new Cell phone towers diguised as trees.Hence the locals jokenly refer to them as "Viagra Tree's"