The Bigger Digger - Holt 110

The ‘Bigger Digger’ is the largest tree Spade in Canada it can transport and transplant trees 14" - 16" in diameter or in excess of 50' tall.  It has 8 powerful spades that can cut through 20" of frost and takes a 17.5 ton root ball that measures 110" across and 96" deep.  This machine has been engineered to lay the tree horizontally on the machine to allow transport of oversized specimens safely to their destination without having to wrap or disrupt the rootball.  Transplanting a large tree onsite can take a short period of time, therefore limiting the time the tree is out of the ground.  It goes directly from its growing site to its new site in one smooth transition and is the Largest Tree Spade capable of transporting trees on the road to a new site.  This makes it economically feasible to save and transplant very large trees.

The ‘Bigger Digger’ has transplanted trees on golf courses, ski resorts, city streets and parks, at private residences and universities.