Welcome to Treemendous Tree Sales and Transplanting

Treemendous is a pioneer in the large tree transplanting industry, established in 1979.  We retail specimen trees from our tree farms and transplant trees up to 16" (400 mm) in diameter.  We are located in South Western Ontario in the heart of Huron County (Clinton), serving residential, agricultural, municipal and commercial properties including Owen Sound, Alliston, New Market, Erin Mills, St. Catherines, London, Sarnia, Stratford, Goderich and Port Elgin. 


By simply changing the location of some of your existing trees we can give your property a new look.  If needed, we offer a full selection of top quality evergreen, ornamental and shade trees, grown locally on our tree farms. Delivery and planting are included.

Advantages to Transplanting Trees


Trees can provide protection from damaging winds, hail and rain to buildings as well as shield blowing snow from drifting onto driveways.  


Trees can provide protection from ultra violet rays to your home, where children play and over outdoor gathering areas and act as natural air conditioning in these spaces.  Planted in the correct place, they will help to lower heating and air conditioning costs.  


Fact: A mature tree will transpire up to 100 gallons of moisture each day.  “Nature’s Air Conditioner”


Plant trees to create an oasis for enjoyment during leisure time. 


Trees provide increased aesthetic appeal and increase the value of your home/ property or business within hours of being planted.  


Fact: A tree will add about $5,500 to the value of a property.

(London Free Press, April 17, 2012)


Move trees to open up and/or create fantastic views. 


Donate or plant a tree as a memorial or for a special occasion such as anniversaries, weddings, etc.  


Create privacy and obscure undesirable views by planting trees. 


Transplant trees to open up site lines for safety and security.


Be environmentally responsible, plant a tree.  Trees give life and improve it as well by filtering polluted carbon dioxide into clean fresh oxygen.