The Special Pear Tree

Summer of 2012 ,I was contacted to transplant a Pear tree from Stratford to North Bay! Yes a lot of miles,but more noteworthy to me was the fact this would be a fall move and to a completely different enviroment and Zone! This was a special varitety of Pear registered at Vineland Research Station by the customers late father.It was found growing on their farm and produce tastety pears that preserved very well.It was the only tree and grafts were taken from it .This one and one other which was entrusted to the customers brother were the only surviviors .Care was taken to make sure the tree would have the best chance to adapt to the new soil and adjust to the harser winter temperatures.Communication with the customer in 2013 indicated the tree was living and although it showed stress appeared to be adjusting to the customers new location.The customers daughter and granddaughter live around the corner and will someday take over the care of this tree.



In parking lot of North Bay Motel on morning of planting still tarpped from trip North,October 2012