Home owners had greatplans just need larger tree as backdrop to enhance ,as a backdrop ,screen and privacy to their outdoor living area!

Large White Spruce relocated on a developement to protect neighbours privacy and screen out construction noise and dust!

My Son Jeff and I had a lot of fun planting trees on Steve Plunkets estate "Fleetwood" near London,Ontario

We transplanted existing trees on the estate to add more variety and long lasting shade to several

Summer of 2012 ,I was contacted to transplant a Pear tree from Stratford to North Bay! Yes a lot of miles,but more noteworthy to me was the fact this would be a fall move and to a completely different enviroment

October 2013

  Transplanted a 43 foot tall 14inch caliper Colorado Blue Spruce,from Alliston region. Tree was transported and installed in front of Granite Club on Bayview Avenue ,Toronto,Ontario.


Very manouverable spade extends and side swings on truck for more precise positioning in tight areas.

Pod trailer allows up to 5 trees to be moved long distances at one time .Saves time , fuel and  equipme

The Danbrooks planted  trees 25 years ago at their farm near Donegal,Ontario.

Russell and his Father worked together planting Oaks and Red Maples.

Now the trees will live on at their new home in Atw

This particular job was a challenging one that reaped great results.  The red maple was growing close to the corner of the garage and needed to be moved.  It required working on a steep side hill, manoeuvering ar