Ontario has some amazing heritage trees, including some which are over 500 years old! 

Tue, 03/03/2020 - 17:04 By Staff

There is for instance, a tree in the White Oak region of London, Ontario that is estimated to be 670 years old.  It is said that the tree is on a site that was a meeting place for American slaves escaping via the underground railroad.

There should always be a special place in our landscape for any tree!  However people have not realized that a tree that has reached its mature size has only lived half of its natural life yet.  Mature trees in their prime become some of our best environmental air fresheners and oxygen producers.  Mature trees provide providing great benefits to our personal surroundings.

We were fortunate enough to have acquired Canada's largest tree spade, which has allowed us to save many magnificent specimen trees with 12 to 18 inch diameter trunks, approaching 60 feet in length.  If you have an oversized tree, give us a call. A healthy tree can be transplanted even when it is full grown!

tree spade on truck