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Why wait many long years to enjoy the benefits of a majestic, mature tree?

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Move it! Save it! It has value!
For over 40 years my company has given property owners the option to conserve years of tree growth by offering a tree transplanting service. 
When I started transplanting trees in 1979 people told me it could not be done, or why would you? Back then there were a handful of companies in Ontario province (5 or 6) doing that all the time. Now there is only Treemendous and one other company that continue to provide this service.  
We have experience! With thousands of trees transplanted, over 99.9% were successful.


Trees Provide
Why wait many long years to enjoy the benefits of a majestic, mature tree?  New home builders can now place mature trees on newly constructed home lots, enhancing the real estate value. Builders can move existing mature trees out of the way during subdivision  construction, then transplant the trees when the homes are completed.  The most desirable urban or rural real estate is often found in mature locations that are calmed by majestic, mood-setting trees.
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Sometimes these healthy trees overgrow their space and should be moved. 
Don't you cut down a healthy, mature tree. Move it to a better space and continue to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful tree?
Transplant or Transport Long Distances
We are able to move a tree on your property to a better location, or we can remove the tree altogether to find it a new home.  

We can transplant trees of all sizes, up to 16 inches diameter!  Trees at this stage (size) provide the most significant benefits to our climate and air quality.