Trees can make all the difference in how well a property presents itself.

Tue, 03/03/2020 - 21:37 By Staff

Trees properly placed can help control noise, wind (snow and Rain) and protect your buildings.  Trees around your "Oasis" provide comfort, privacy and Stress Relief!

We do-on site consultations for tree placement, health and care.

Large trees planted by Tree Spade obviously give quicker results with fewer trees needed to get the job done!  Many times we can transplant your existing trees to better suit your needs. We can also install new varieties so you are better protected should a disease or insect attack your yard. Many property owners have lost their Ash trees recently and in many cases this was the only variety of tree they had! In a large part the large number of ash trees grew from natural germination on their property. This was a devastating loss. Remember your property is your biggest investment and it projects your image to others!

Thinking of selling? Why not spruce up your yard? You would wash your car before you tried to sell it,to get top dollar! Wouldn't you?

loured trees