tree farm
Visit Our Tree Farm in Ontario
Treemendous has its own tree farm in Ontario that offers a wide selection of trees ready to be transplanted to your property. Call or email to set-up an appointment for a personalized tour of our tree farm near Clinton, Ontario. Families welcome!
Learn about our selection and see them up close! You can tag your selection for delivery. There are many varieties and sizes to pick from.
The tree farm is also very accessible for anyone with mobility issues. You can window shop from the comfort of your own vehicle.
Measureing a tree
Measuring a Tree
When we talk about the diameter of a tree trunk, we take that measurement 12 to 16 inches ( 30 - 40 cm) above the soil line.  That gives us the best indication of what size of a root ball we will need to take in order to have a successful transplant. It is helpful to us if you have this information available when you are calling to get a tree transplanted. 
Sometimes you will hear people talk about the caliper or diameter of a tree.  This refers to the thickness of the trunk. Deciduous trees (shade) are normally sold by the trunk size (diameter/caliper) and coniferous trees are normally sold by their height.  


Visit our tree farm to see our wide selection of available trees.